Friday, May 4, 2012

Week 18 Update Debt Snowflake Challenge

Its week 18 already? WOW, 2012 is zipping right along! This week is all about "slow and steady" that's our pace and I have made peace with it. I was able to pay off another small debt for April. Very exciting indeed!

I had a small balance on a store credit card that I have decided needs to go. So $120.61 went to wipe it out. I really want to close it but the hubby is too worried about the negative impact on our credit score so I will just shred it. I will never understand why you are penalized for closing accounts. Not paying or slow paying I understand.....slave to debt.

I think that we are going back to the cash envelope system. It really helps with the grocery budget and spending money. So starting Monday be are back to cash. the only category I wont be able to do cash for is household items. I am using the Target REDcard for that but it's not a category I overspend in anyway so for now it works.

This week I added $16.86 to our snowball giving us a balance of $66.99 plus a .02 interest deposit. Its sad to see the amount going down for some reason. Its not like I blew it. We are successfully paying off debt that is hanging around and slowing us down! I think my brain is weird!

I Hope everyone has had a wonderful week and a even better weekend!!! Cant wait to see everyones progress!
                                                            Frugally Yours, Deb!


Melissa@Mom's Plans said...

Getting rid of a debt is a great feeling. Congrats!

Imageremix said...

Hi Deb,

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me your nice comment. It's so exciting making progress on getting out of debt. I managed to do it a couple of years ago, all but my mortgage (and I'm getting there on that too) and it has made all the difference in my outlook. Debt is such a constant source of trouble and being free of it gives you such a peace of mind. Keep up the good work!