Monday, April 30, 2012

Do You Have A Target REDcard?

Welcome friends, glad you stopped by. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I was out trolling around for deals this week and it seemed Target had great coupons to print and use. This is fairly new to me and I am enjoying their deals. I used to have to drive 100 miles to get to Target so I'm like a school girl having one just down the road!

When I was checking out the cashier asked me if I wanted to apply for a REDcard. I quickly answered NO! She explained to me that it wasn't a credit card but attached to your debit card. So I asked about a thousand more questions and started holding up the line, so I took the info home to read.

After checking it out I decided to apply for one. I don't really like the attached to my bank account idea but I will keep a close eye on it. I like Target as a company. Their employees are the friendliest and I hear better paid than The W Place. Plus who doesn't like getting 5% cash back?

I also joined their pharmacy program. I had been putting off transferring my prescriptions they made it quick and painless for me. I used to hate standing in lines, they are fast and friendly even on a Friday at the end of the month. I was impressed.

It seems the only downfall is info sharing, but I can opt out and slow posting of transactions to your account. Well, I know what I spent as I set down everyday to write in receipts, to me its gone then. So I will continue to explore and try to save every penny possible with the cash back and their coupons.

Please let me know any positive or negative experiences you have had. I would love to learn more! Until then, happy saving!

                                               Frugally Yours,

Friday, April 27, 2012

Week 17. Where's My Motivation?

Welcome to week 17 check in for the Debt Snowflake Challenge at Moms Plans. I hope everyone is having a exceptionally wonderful week! I am just hanging out at the library very happy to be able to blog! Thanks goodness for wonderful public libraries!

I haven't been feeling very frugal lately. I cant put my finger on the problem, I have talked to my husband and he seems to think that its the transition from the country to the city. It isn't very much money that I am spending, but it all adds up. Since the laptop broke I drive a bit more since I have to go to the library daily. Then there is the iced coffee purchase, don't worry its a little local place for $2 not the $5 one! Still I need to find my inner cheapskate and rough her up a bit!!!

I was able to snowflake a total of $42.62 from the hubby's raise. No orders from the baking this week. That hasn't happened in two years. Sigh, maybe that's what has me in a funk. It feels so good to contribute even if it is just a bit! It might be time to look for a job! Unless I want to wait for my first Social Security check to get a new laptop! Yikes!!!! I have set up a Laptop fund in our ING account. I'm still deciding on how to fund it, debt first Missy!

I am going to organize my tablescaping supplies (aka: death by falling glass shards pile!) this weekend and hopefully I will get a Tablescape Thursday post up.  I miss all the fluffing and preening of my dishes! It wouldn't kill me to rustle up a recipe or two either!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend , keep on snowflaking! I can see that light at the end of the tunnel, can you?

                                                                    Frugally yours, Deb!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Debt Snowflake Challenge Week 16 Update

Welcome my frugal friends, talented tablescapers and from scratch cooks! Hope every one's week has been FAB! I am sadly calling this week 16 update the "without my laptop edition". I am setting here at the library blogging away. Not easy or fun by the way. But I am VERY thankful for the privilege!

Seems the 5 year old Dell passed on to computer heaven. He will be sorely missed. We had a good run. The husband says everyone had been telling him that I was lucky to have it that long! So...I will be saving for a few months to get a new one. Now, the old Deb would have just grabbed a credit card and got her a new one, Oh yes, she would have! As of right now shes not speaking to me. That's OK, I like the peace and quiet! (HE-HE)

So this week I was able to add $16.65 from the raise and $44.00 from baking giving a snowflake of $60.65! Best one in awhile. It sure will be tempting to raid the EF for funding the laptop, but I will be strong!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and enjoy the beautiful spring weather! I will keep this post short and sweet so I can use my allotted time to stop by and see everyone else! Check out Melissa's blog Moms Plans for Week 16 progress!

                                                            Happy Friday, Deb!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Debt Snowflake Challenge Update Week 15

Hello all! Happy Friday! This week has just flown by for sure. Time seems to get away from me lately. Whats up with that? I hope everyone has had a successful week of snowflaking and general frugalness. I am working on a few new prospects for the baking business. Fingers crossed!

I was able to snowflake a total of $31.24, that is the small raise the hubby received earlier this year. Not much but it is a worthy snowflake. I made a $48 profit from the baking gig but I was out of packaging supplies so I applied that back into the business.

It is really hard keeping positive about being in a new place. I catch myself thinking of what I lost, my gardens, animals, participating in my local farmer's market, blah blah... But I gained a happier husband who is home at least 3 more hours a day, $$$ in fuel and wear and tear costs on our car, a much much better middle and high school for the kids, all in all it's positive progress.

I just have to remember that I have to make some sacrifices for now. Goodness knows the hubby did for years! I'm so darn lucky! My contribution to the family now is to keep the budget on track and get the last part of our consumer debt paid down. Also I'm going to see if I can get the grocery budget trimmed a bit now that I have more shopping options.

Have a wonderful weekend, enjoy your springy weather! I am linking up with Melissa at Moms Plans for Debt Snowflaking Challenge. Hop on over and see how everyone is progressing!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sharing Some Documentry Love

Good morning friends! Get any frost? We didn't but to the east got a nice coating. that would have been me before the move. I am going to do something that I have never done on my little blog. My 15 year old son is a lover of documentaries, he has been sharing that love with me.

Last night we watched a game changer for me. It is called I AM. It is from Hollywood director Tom Shadyac. His credits include, Liar Liar, Nutty Professor, Bruce Almighty just to name a few. If you can get your hands on a copy, please give it a look.

Tom set out to ask some of today's greatest thinkers what is the fundamental endemic problem that causes all of our other problems. During his journey he learns about his own life and the choices he made. He confronts a life of excess, greed and healing.

I was so moved by the simple and enlightening message. We are in this together, and love is the key. It mentally and psychically binds us all. It really was a wake up for me so simple yet so powerful.

We have a wonderful library here in our new town. If you haven't already had the pleasure of watching I AM, I hope you will invest the 78 minutes to do so!

Enjoy your day! Thank you for stopping by my little part of the world!!!

                                                               Hugs, and much love!!!

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Here I am! All Moved In and Ready To Blog!

Hello everyone! Have you given up on me? We finally made our move out of state. We are closer to our life and work now. I miss the country house a bit, but we are all adjusting. Its great to see my husband with four extra hours in his day!!!

Now the bad news, We wiped out the savings and EF and haven't snowflaked for 9 weeks! YIKES! I have to start over and find new customers. I have faith that I will, It just takes time. The farmers market season is upon us and meeting new people and potential customers is very exciting.

I have been doing some couponing, mostly for household and health and beauty items. I do not have space to stockpile much so a new method for shopping is in the works. I cook from scratch so most food coupons are lost on me anyway.

On Friday I will link back up with Melissa at Moms Plans for the Debt Snowflake Challenge. I can't wait to catch up with everyone. Hopefully everyone is "flaking " away with success! See you soon!!!!