Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Minimalist Halloween Tablescape

Welcome, glad you stopped by. It is Thursday again and its time to head over to Susan's for Tablescape Thursday. I was feeling in the mood to do a little bit of Halloween on the table. I hate to admit it but I realized there was very little in my stash for a Halloween table. So bear with me while I try to make it look good.

I scored this little HALLOWEEN sign at Walmart the day after last year for a dollar. He is a sparkly guy. I like him.

This is my wacky attempt to see the table from another perspective. Those water goblets have never been in a dishwasher, but you couldn't tell it by looking. Since I don't have a dishwasher, I will just blame the manual washer and photographer who are one in the same, EEK!!!

OOOHHH! Mr. Pumpkin is looking scary as he is flickering away. You can see the sparkles on my little sign now.

Here is a better attempt at another angle. I got lucky. I love Halloween, it's so fun seeing the kids dress up and trick or treat.

More from higher up. I think a black tablecloth would be perfect. I am kicking myself now for not picking one up at Kohl's that would have been perfect. All the standard places for tablescapers to go Kohl's, Gordman's, Bed and Bath, TJ Maxx, Marshall's, and Home Goods are all 100 plus miles from here. Not a good time to second guess a purchase!

A shot of the table as a whole.

HHHMMMMM? Did I repeat? That shot looks the same. Oops! Still using the training wheels here, he he he.

I took this from standing on the chair. I should have got the step ladder so I could have got all of it. I am still learning as I go. It is great fun, even when you factor in the disasters, crooked and missing items, smudges and smears. I appreciate all the wonderful comments from all you amazing tablescapers who take time out to stop by. I know there are so many other tables to look at.Going to visit all the tables is the highlight of my Thursday.

If you haven't taken the time make sure you visit as many as you can. Comment and tell all these amazing folks how much you appreciate their time and talent. I know I definitely do! Thank you again Susan, Tablescape Thursday is truly WONDERFUL!


Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

Really cool! Don't kick yourself about the black tablecloth we wouldn't be able to see the "Halloween" scroll work-this is neat-have fun:@)

Marlis said...

Great score on the halloween sign. Those placemats are really cool too. I love your table. Truly a fun place to be. thanks for dropping in!

Tess said...

This is a great Halloween table. I love Mr. Pumpkin and the sparkly halloween sign is adorable!!

Thank you for stopping by my blog!

Kathy said...

This is great! I love the dark colors and the pumpkins! Love the Halloween sign too!

Anita said...

How cute your Halloween table is!! That little sign was a great deal and too cute! I think you did a great job!! Come by and sign up for the flatware I'm giving away!

hip-chick said...

What a cute Halloween table. I like the little sign. that was quite a find for a dollar.

Tricia@The Dull and the Dutiful said...

Deb, I'd say you did a great job with your Halloween table! Those placemats are great, and I can see why that sparkly "Halloween" came home with you. And any table that includes candy is appealing to me and my sweet tooth! Thank you for visiting my table this week!

Alycia Nichols said...

Glad to see you were able to "scare up" some fun things for your Halloween table! I don't have a lot of Halloween stuff in my stash, either, since the children are all ancient now. It's fun to dress up the table, though.

Sherry said...

Very nice table. I love the Halloween sign and the place mats too. I am impressed you are starting a business. My husband is pushing me in that direction too. Very inspiring of you to be baker. Best wishes with it.

SavannahGranny said...

Love the placemats. You did a great job on the table. I am so glad you scored well for the sparkly halloween sign. Kudos to you for a great hallowen table.
Thanks for visiting my post. I am your newest follower. I hope you will follow me. Ginger

Fuzzy Slippers said...

Thanks for the blog love! This is a great tablescape. Great scoop with the sparkly sign! :)

Entertaining Women said...

You've done a great job on your darling tablescape. You might try eBay to search for tablecloths and other table linens on eBay. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay