Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Soup and Salad Night Starring Brava Rooster

Welcome dish lovers it is our favorite day of the week. Let's all link up and head over to Susan's Tablescape Thursday. Since I have such a small table, I couldn't fit all the pieces from my Brava Rooster win, so I decided to do a soup and salad night with them and add the wonderful mugs in for some yummy warm cider.

I decided to jump on the bandwagon and grab some weeds from the pasture and try a fallish arrangement. It's a first attempt. I really appreciate all you amazing tablescapers who WOW us every week with amazing centerpieces, its alot of work and takes tons of talent. My hat is off to you all!

See those little hens meandering around the table? They decided to show up and join the party. It was so nice of them to hold the salt and pepper for us.

Is it just me or have you ever set the table and had to remove stuff because it looks crowded, then when you photograph it, realize it is sparse looking? Any suggestions?

I tried to get a little of the afternoon sun in, after all, I only have 7 windows in the dining room! Old farmhouses, every room has had several other purposes over time. The dining room was the original porch. Always interesting to deal with.

More light coming in.

Did you notice, I have a new addition to my dish family. I scored a great set of six Libbey Gold Leaf Goblets on EBay. They are a perfect addition of fall.

I am really enjoying these Roosters. These mugs are so cute. They are very large and can hold alot of yummy goodness. There are Rooster's on both sides. Such great quality!

These bowls hold over 3 cups of soup each with plenty of room for cheese, croutons or what ever you can dream up for a topping. This is just perfect for this hearty soup lovin bunch.

See Mr. Rooster on the salad plate? He is so handsome and different than the one on the mug.

These pewter hens came from eBay too. Can you really have to many hens and roosters?

Another look at the Libbey Gold leaf and the mugs.

Mrs. Hen is ready to provide you with salt if you like.

A view from the other side. I just noticed the "weeds" look different from the back. The colors are so pretty. I am really having fun setting tables. I am learning something new each week. This weeks lesson? Spraying your tablecloth with wrinkle releaser then tossing in the dryer is NO substitution for ironing!
Tonight we are having, warm apple cider or sparkling cider, Pinto bean soup with sausage meatballs and corn muffins. Thanks for stopping by and I cant wait to see this weeks tables. I bet there will be some Spooky ones!

goblets and napkin rings-EBay
tablecloth-Walmart, ages ago
flatware-Cali Mirror, Country Door catalog
Dishes- Mikasa Brava Rooster, prize from Anita's Far Above Rubies.

Have a great Tablescape Thursday! I hear dinner calling my name!


Anita said...

Wow!!!!! All I can say is this is too fabulous! I love this setting, and I'm really loving the round plates! I love those placemats, and I do not know that store. I really do love this pattern, and I find I use the salad plates a lot for kids sandwiches, breakfast. I never thought of the wrinkle releaser idea, but I could use some! Very welcoming table!!

Gail @ Faithfulness Farm said...

I LOVE the Brava Rooster and those Libby Gold Leaf goblets are working wonderful on this table!! Lovely tablescape :)


Debbie said...

Love the Brava Rooster. It's a favorite pattern. I think those Libby Gold Leaf goblets are stunning and so autumnal, too. My favorite part aside from those two things is the placemat. I've never seen one like it.

As to a full table photographing as "sparse"? Yep. It happens to me often too. I just try my best to keep dinking around.

Donna (Timeless Settings) said...

I love your rooster dishes! You did a great job!

Alycia Nichols said...

TOTALLY digging those wagon wheel placemats!!! How is it that everyone else BUT me finds such cool stuff at Gordman's? I can never find anything I like in there! :-( Love the napkin rings, too! Have a really great week, and I wish to you and yours a safe, happy Halloween weekend!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Love the rooster dishes, and you have created a winning combination with your other tablescape items. Dinner sounds delicious, but on this tablescape, anything would taste good. laurie

Miss Char said...

Love your rooster dishes, your table is beautiful in its simplicity. Thanks so much for sharing.

Carrie said...

I enjoyed seeing how you carried through with your theme of roosters and hens in the various elements you brought together in this delightful setting!

Tricia@The Dull and the Dutiful said...

Deb, what a cute table! And stop calling your lovely fall foliage "weeds"! Gotta learn the tablescaping lingo! :-) It's great to see you enjoying the dishes you won!

Entertaining Women said...

The Brava Rooster dishes are wonderful. Congratulations on winning them! I agree...when shootings photos, a full table just ends up looking more impressive. I usually experience this realization when I have to remove places settings at the last minute and I don't have time to remove a leaf/leaves before my guests arrive. There just appears to be too much 'dead space' when I look back at the pics. Cozy just seems to be preferable. Glad to find someone of like mind. I've thought about posting some of my problem tables and addressing the issue. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

Pattie T. said...

Cute table - congrats on the leaf goblets score. They go beautifully with the rooster plates.

Jenny said...

This looks beautiful !!!

So happy I found your blog


Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

The answer is no -- of course you can never have too many roosters or hens. Love your gold leaf goblets.

Thoughtfully blended hearts said...

Love these dishes...the glasses are wonderful...and I've decided that it's against my religion to iron might have the same belief!!! :-)

Linda said...

Wonderful tablescape! Nope...can never have too many chickens! I also love the Libbey glasses. Thank you for showing us.

Texas Tea Party said...

What a darling table and I love your new rooster china. The vase of fall foliage is just the right colors of the roosters. Please sent a care package of your soup and corn muffins for a hungry person. Yes, I think your Libbey glasses are cute for fall.

Barbara said...

I just love soup and salad for dinner. Your new rooster dinnerware is just perfect for this lovely fall table.

Marlis said...

First of all congrats on wining such charming dishes!! Love your placemats too. Thanks for visiting and I had a great time nosing around your blog as well. Beautiful table.

~Tablescapes By Diane~ said...

Hi lovely lady. I love the way you put your Tablescapes together so Beautiful ~~~ I also love ebay !!! I just purchased so salt and pepper set for my Vintage Collection ~~~ I am becoming one of your followers ~~ Thanks so much for your lovely comments.

Tina G said...

I love your rooster dishes! You set a beautiful table! You've given me some ideas. I'm a big fan of roosters myself!
Love your blog! I'm a follower now!