Friday, April 27, 2012

Week 17. Where's My Motivation?

Welcome to week 17 check in for the Debt Snowflake Challenge at Moms Plans. I hope everyone is having a exceptionally wonderful week! I am just hanging out at the library very happy to be able to blog! Thanks goodness for wonderful public libraries!

I haven't been feeling very frugal lately. I cant put my finger on the problem, I have talked to my husband and he seems to think that its the transition from the country to the city. It isn't very much money that I am spending, but it all adds up. Since the laptop broke I drive a bit more since I have to go to the library daily. Then there is the iced coffee purchase, don't worry its a little local place for $2 not the $5 one! Still I need to find my inner cheapskate and rough her up a bit!!!

I was able to snowflake a total of $42.62 from the hubby's raise. No orders from the baking this week. That hasn't happened in two years. Sigh, maybe that's what has me in a funk. It feels so good to contribute even if it is just a bit! It might be time to look for a job! Unless I want to wait for my first Social Security check to get a new laptop! Yikes!!!! I have set up a Laptop fund in our ING account. I'm still deciding on how to fund it, debt first Missy!

I am going to organize my tablescaping supplies (aka: death by falling glass shards pile!) this weekend and hopefully I will get a Tablescape Thursday post up.  I miss all the fluffing and preening of my dishes! It wouldn't kill me to rustle up a recipe or two either!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend , keep on snowflaking! I can see that light at the end of the tunnel, can you?

                                                                    Frugally yours, Deb!


Barbara F. said...

Hey Debbie, thanks for stopping by. would love to take this challenge but I already know I would drop out!! Ugh. I'll be back to visit again. xo

Melissa@Mom's Plans said...

Sometimes it is best to take a break for a week or two and come back renewed. We had to take an involuntary break, and now I am ready to hit the debt hard again.

Tiffany @ DontWastetheCrumbs said...

I think the best way to get out of a funk is to simply remind yourself of why you're saving to begin with. I was SO tempted to splurge on all kinda of things when we were working hard to pay off our debt, but I had to remind myself often that sending in that last pay-off check would be sweeter than any "reward" I had now.

I relate it often to a diet - I can either have that Burger King frappe (which has 510 calories?!?!), or I can fit into those jeans I haven't worn in a few months. Which would truly be sweeter?

Keep up the good work! Thanks for visiting!!