Friday, January 20, 2012

Debt Snowflake Challenge Week 3 Update

Welcome and Happy Friday to everyone! TGIF, right? I hope everyone had a successful week of snowflakes. If you haven't joined yet I suggest you hop on over to Moms Plans and see what our host Melissa and other participants are up to. It is never to late to start!

It was a pretty decent week for me here in the country. Hubby received a small raise in his pay that was unexpected and we decided to just keep on budgeting like it wasn't there. So my total snowflakes for the 3rd week of the challenge is $ 93.20. It breaks down to $26.20 from the raise and $67.00 profit from baking. Not bad at all! I'm getting very excited to find more ways to snowflake as we go.

I love checking in with everyone participating to congratulate or encourage each week. It is wonderful knowing that the same is there for me when needed. Melissa, your hard work in hosting is SO APPRECIATED! YOU ROCK!!!!

Tomorrow I will update my progress in 2012 The Year of Zero. Frugal in Florida is chronicling her year of zero. Go HERE to check it out! I'm going to make those facial wipes just as soon as I use up my stash! What a great idea!

Have a great weekend! Hugs, Deb!


Sharon said...

Thank you for visiting my blog, entering the Amish cookbook giveaway and leading me to your blog! I like this whole snowflake concept and feel challenged! It is too easy to think that it won't add up, but it really does.

Pam said...

Great job on the snowflake! I hope I can do a little better next week myself!

Melissa said...

Great work!!! Isn't exciting to see the balances going down week after week? Smart move on the paycheck; now you can snowflake that money every time he gets paid.