Friday, January 13, 2012

Debt Snowflake Challenge Week Two Still Plugging Along

Hello everyone, HAPPY FRIDAY! It's time to link up with Melissa at Moms Plans for the Debt Snowflake Challenge. Participating has been really motivating for me. If you haven't been by to check it out I suggest you scoot on over there ASAP. I am staying accountable and learning new ideas too. Much love Melissa!!!!!!

I am slowly plugging along in my second week. The death of the fridge is still stinging in the area where our Emergency Fund once lived. All the more reason to eliminate debt, right? RIGHT! Build old EF back up to its former glory and LARGER!

The snowflake total for this week is $80.97. It breaks down to baking profit, $67.00, Rounding hubby's pay to nearest ten $8.97 and a $5.00 deposit from my bank for a customer satisfaction survey. They are tiny but rolled together they are mighty!

I'm hoping to get that grocery budget tamed too. There are some really great deals this week so I'm hoping for a under budget trip this week!

How are your snowflaking efforts going this week? Cant wait to stop by and visit everyone! Have a wonderful weekend! HUGS! Deb


Melissa said...

You are so right that small payments rolled together have a big impact. Sorry about the death of the refrigerator; that must have been an expensive item to replace!

Out My window said...

Hi, so glad you stopped by. We sound alike. I love to bake when I have time. I also sew, have a huge garden, can, make my own bread, raise chickens, have fruit trees. But I am busy, too busy. We had our washer die the 27th of December. I truly beleive in snowflaking. I know it works and it is fun. It is so easy to feel deprived when we have no extra money and finding small ways to come up with it makes it a game. Every one loves a game.

~Carla~ said...

Snowflakes are snowflakes!! They all add up! :) Good job!

Flamingo said...

thanks for stopping by my blog Debby! You have a great challenge going on here too! It is always hard to remember that the little payments do make a difference. SO glad to have you following along! I will be sure to check back to see how you are doing on this!

Lisa said...

You are doing a great job! The small amounts do all add up.

Jamie said...

I just joined the challenge and I too was able to apply a super small snowflake to my current debt. Great job so far! I'm hoping this challenge helps me get closer to being debt free faster!