Friday, January 27, 2012

Debt Snowflake Challenge Week 4 The Month In Review

Happy Friday! Glad you are stopping in for another weekly check in. I hope everyone was busy gathering snowflakes this week. Not real ones, I know this is January which snowflakes would be plentiful but not here in central Missouri, not a flake yet! But that's a different post.

The financial flakes were very good for this week. Our best week so far! The grand total for week 4 was $195.32, wwwhhhooo! They broke down like this, $75.00 for the side baking gig, $17.32 for hubby's raise and $103 for our state tax refund. That was fast, filing time and direct deposit, less than one week. We usually have two pay in a few hundred dollars, so it was nice to see a refund. My tweaking is complete, I will leave it where it is.

I would say that our first month snowflaking has been a success. It just floors me that we have never tried this before. I have read endless articles on it and never committed to it. When I found Melissa's blog Moms Plans and read of her challenge I was ready. It has been so wonderful to have accountability and encouragement from Melissa and the other participants. I get SO excited for Fridays!

So for January we were able to snowflake a total of $474.98! Just amazing! This would have just absorbed into our checking account never to be seen or served any benefit to us. I hope if you are a reader of my blog and you have not yet joined this challenge,  give it a try. Even if you don't have debt or just want to save for a vacation or beef up the kids college fund. You owe it to yourself and family to corral this loose change and put it to work! I hope I am not sounding preachy. I am just so excited for my progress and want everyone to know how it can help you too!

Drop in and see what its all about over at Moms Plans. Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Snowflaking! I will be back this weekend for a round up of the month. I will be tallying up the grocery budget and counting up the no spend days for my Year of Zero participation. See you then!

                                                                     Hugs, Deb!


Melissa said...

Great work! I am always amazed at how much money we can "find" when we earmark it all for debt repayment. Nearly $500 this month for you! Amazing. :)

Ms. Nose-in-book said...

Great job! Isn't it funny how that makes an "extra" $400-500 month? Good for you for putting it toward big goals.

Out My window said...

I paid off my fridge for the studio by just tightening my spending. I was also able to pay off a truck with snowflakes last year. Like you I am self employed. So I can control what I bring in. Well not really right now my shop is so full I am overwhelmed! Good job!

Pam said...

Yeah! We should have our tax refund in a week or so as well. It'll be a substantial one that we will split between beefing up our emergency fund, paying cash for at least one out-of-state vacation, and completing three or more total payoffs! :)